There is so much more to acupuncture than needles.

Acupucture is thought to have been around for over two thousand years and is becoming increasingly popular as a natural solution to many health conditions. Although using very fine needles, acupuncture is virtually painless with many patients finding treatments extremely relaxing and effective. Acupuncture has been backed up by scientific research and is now recommended by NICE (National Institure for Health Care and Excellence) for a number of conditions including chronic tension type headaches and migraines.

How does Acupuncture work?

Everyday life including emotions, work-life balance, diet and environment can all influence and impact the natural balance of our body and this may lead to physical or emotional conditions and symptoms. Acupuncture can have an impact on this by identifying the root cause of the imbalance and using very fine needles, at specific energy points on the body to rebalance and re-energise the body and mind. Due to this aproach Acupuncture can be halpful in treating many conditions.

Scientifically, the insertion of needles can benefit the body by having an effect the sensory nerves under the skin and in muscles as wellas over-riding certain brain signals. By doing this the body produces natural substances such as endorphins which relieve pain. Acupuncture may also reduce pro-imflammatory markers or proteins in the body; in addition to this the insertion of needles may stimulate the brain to secrete a nerve growth factor which may help nerve regeneration.

Common conditions treated presented
  • Pain related conditions e.g. arthritis, joint pain, sciatica
  • Menopausal symptoms
  • IVF support and Infertility
  • Digestive conditions e.g. IBS, bloating, cramping, constipation/diarrhoea, Ulcerative Collitis, Crohns Disease
  • Gynaecological Conditions e.g. PCOS, irregular or painful periods, menopausal symptoms, PMT
  • Headaches, Migraines, Tinnitus,
  • Insomnia, Stress, Anxiety, Depression, Fatigue
  • Skin Conditions e.g. Psoriasis, Eczema, Urticaria, Rosacea, 
  • Hayfever, Asthma and other allergies

Many other conditions can be treated; the above is a list of conditions commonly treated by Acupuncture. If you are unsure whether Acupuncture will be helpful to you please get in contact.

Consultation and Treatment

The initial consultation can take upto one and a half hours; throughout this time we will talk about the main complaint, as well as discussing medical history and overall health and lifestyle such as digestion and sleep. We will also look at your tongue and feel your pulses on both wrists; these are chinese medicine diagnostic methods and give us a great insight as to where the imbalances in your body may lie and help us to come to a diagnosis as well as design the best treatment for you. The initial consultation will also involve your first treatment.

Following the initial consultation, treatments will last upto one hour and will involve very fine, hair like needles inserted onto specific points on your body to obtain balance. We will also discuss at the beginning of each follow-up treatment any improvements or changes that may have occured to ensure I am still using the best points for you.

Cupping, Moxibustion and Guasha can be used in traditional chinese acupuncture alongside needles if is believed you will benefit from these. If so, the treatments will be explained in full to you before carrying this out to ensure you are happy to go ahead.  Moxibustion is the gentle warming of points to treat specific conditions. Cupping is the use of suction cups onto specific parts of the body. The suction allows the cup to stay on the skin and the benefits area by relaxing muscles, increasing blood flow to the area and it may also be used to reduce symptoms of cold and flu. Guasha is the use of a small smooth tool which is moved along the surface of the skin to create blood flow and healing.

Treatment frequency

This depends on the nature of the condition, the severity of the imbalance and anything within the patients lifestyle which may be hindering the healing process. All of these aspects will determine the duration and frequency of treatment however after the initial consultation it will be easier to give an estimate of how many treatments may be necessary. Saying this in the majority of cases people will have treatment once a week with the aim to decrease the frequency over time so that only maintenance treatments two to four times a year are necessary.

Treatment Results

Everyones response to treatment is different. Many people will begin to notice a benefit in their general wellbeing with benefits to their main complaint following shortly after this, however, depending on the condition, people may see marked results after their first treatment.


Initial Cosultation: £60
1.5 hour appointment

Follow-up treatments: £45
1 hour appointment

Save £20 when you purchase a block of 5 treatments
Save £50 when you purchase a block of 10 treatments

Model showing meridian pathways

Pulse taking as a diagnostic method

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