Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

​​What is Facial Enhance Acupunture?
This is a very popular, non-surgical, natural treatment which people are turning to as a viable alternative to invasive injections and other chemical treatments to achieve radiant, glowing and youthful skin. It used very fine, hair like needles concentrated on specific points and muscles on the face to achieve improved elasticity and overall appearance.

How does it work?
Facial Enhance Acupuncture works on the muscles of the face and fine lines and wrinkles. Working with the muscles stimulates them to contract and tighten ​; the more we treat the muscles of the face with acupuncture, the tighter the muscles will become. We use very small needles directly along the lines; by doing this each needle will create a micro-trauma which your body will automatically begin to repair. As this process begins, the body produces more collagen and other properties present in wound-healing which fill out the line. Throughout yout initial course of treatment you should gradually notice the lines begin to fade.  

Frequency and Results
We recommend a course of ten treatments to begin with and these should be on a weekle basis ideally. Patients usually see marked results by the 
fourth treatment.  Following on from the initial course of ten, the frequency can be reduced significantly to once a month for one or two months and then seasonally or once every twelve weeks to continue maintenance. By following a programme like this you can expect the results to last for around 3-5 years. Although I recommend the above plan for optimum results, some people decide to come and and when they would like to; how often you want to come for treatment is entirely upto each individual.

Initial Consultation: £55
1.5 hour appointment

Follow- up treatments: £50
​1 hour appointment

Save £25 when you purchase a block of five follow-up treatments
Save £80 when you purchase a block of ten follow-up treatments

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